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    Uberlash is UberGood!!

    I have used many eyelash products in the past, some can be quite harmful if used incorrectly and some claiming to be completely natural. Uberlash was the perfect go between and I will use it again.

    On first glance the packaging is awesome, in a nice fancy box. It had me sold from the get go.

    I have been using it nightly now after I clean my teeth and I have noticed in particular how strong and thick my lashes are getting.

    As a result they are curling better with the curling wand.

    My lashes have never achieved this strength with any other lash serum.

    They are stronger and healthier & I am also finding they have developed in length this is the desired effect.

    On first use it stung a little. It was my skin getting used to the product and this was only a one night reaction.

    The brush made it easy to apply, without hassle of using clean applicators or mucking about.

    I loved this product.

    I can really feel the strength and see the thickness creating a fuller look.

    Because of this and the great easy to use packaging I will continue to use this product.

    Tips: - Patch test it on your arm before use for skin irritation. - Don't treat it like a mascara tube if you flip the tube which the wand is out the product will leak out.


    Better than the cheap Lash Serums

    Better than cheaper lash serums and worked on my over-plucked eyebrows also (which other similar products have failed to do). I have quite good lashes however I definitely noticed the difference with this.If you have short eyelashes I would definitely give it a go.

    Tips: Like a lot of these serums it is pricey but lasts for ages. I would recommend investing if you are paying for eyelash extensions which will cost you more over time and require too much maintenance. This product works and lashes look much more realistic when they are your own!!!

    Liquid Gold !!!

    Liquid Gold !!!

    I'll admit that I was extremely sceptical prior to trying Uberlash.

    The market seems to be saturated with lash growth serum products at the moment, and I had already tried a couple of the 'imitation' brands with some difficulty and little success.

    Thank goodness I decided to give Uberlash a chance - this stuff is the real deal!

    After a couple of false starts (it turns out my evening beauty regime wasn't all that disciplined), I started applying the product daily as per the instructions.

    I could tell straight away that this one was different - I have quite sensitive eyes and skin, and this was the first product I'd used that didn't cause any stinging or irritation.

    After five or six days, my lashes were noticeably stronger - holding their ground against my wicked mascara wand when normally they would clump together or fall out.

    At around the two week mark, I had comments from a couple of other people, both of whom asked if I was wearing a new mascara or was "doing something different" with my eye make-up.

    This is particularly impressive as I wear quite thick glasses with heavy frames, so I usually need to go a little overboard on the eye make-up in order to make an impact.

    By the three-week mark, the difference was remarkable - lashes were noticeably longer, stronger and thicker. Now, having used the product daily for around two months, I swear by it!

    My lashes have always been a little 'weak', and I used to compensate for that by wearing quite heavy eyeliner on my upper lid.

    I've stopped doing that now - just a little mascara and I'm good to go - so it really has changed my appearance!

    This product is, quite possibly, perfect - Uberlash has a customer for life!


    Top Marks uberlash

    Top Marks uberlash


    WOW! I honestly had my doubts when i started using this product.

    I am a chronic lash extension wearer and when I started this trial, i had virtually no eyelashes. It wasn't even worth me putting on mascara as it just looked ridiculous.

    Many people who have tried this product boast about long lashes, As of yet, I cant. What I can tell you though is, I HAVE eyelashes now. 

    It has managed to restore my lashes to their former glory, in about half the time it would usually take.

    The packaging, I think is gorgeous, love the fancy box it comes in. I did find however that the silver part around where the lid screws in began to peel and i had to be careful that there wasn't any of it on the brush before I applied.

    I would definitely recommend this product to my friends as well as my lash clients.

    Top marks Uberlash, you have won me over 100%!!

    uberlash works

    uberlash works

    The packaging was stunning and the product easy to use.

    I took photos of my eyes with and without makeup at the start of the trial to see if this product really did what it said to would. I must say I have have seen a difference in my lashes but more noticeable was the difference it made to my eyebrows. I was not blessed with an abundance of eyebrows and this product has definitely helped to fill in the gaps that mother nature did not.

    My lashes are longer and thicker - maybe not to the extent I had imagined, but I will continue to use Uberlash even if just for my eyebrows.

    Tips: Do be careful with the amount of product you use. It can make your eyes sting if you use to much.

    This Serum Works !!

    This Serum Works !!

    This Serum Works!!!

    I have been using this for couple of weeks and I can firmly say that this eyelash serum has grown my short eyelashes longer.

    Thank you UberLash, I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it to others.