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Liquid Gold !!!

Liquid Gold !!!

I'll admit that I was extremely sceptical prior to trying Uberlash.

The market seems to be saturated with lash growth serum products at the moment, and I had already tried a couple of the 'imitation' brands with some difficulty and little success.

Thank goodness I decided to give Uberlash a chance - this stuff is the real deal!

After a couple of false starts (it turns out my evening beauty regime wasn't all that disciplined), I started applying the product daily as per the instructions.

I could tell straight away that this one was different - I have quite sensitive eyes and skin, and this was the first product I'd used that didn't cause any stinging or irritation.

After five or six days, my lashes were noticeably stronger - holding their ground against my wicked mascara wand when normally they would clump together or fall out.

At around the two week mark, I had comments from a couple of other people, both of whom asked if I was wearing a new mascara or was "doing something different" with my eye make-up.

This is particularly impressive as I wear quite thick glasses with heavy frames, so I usually need to go a little overboard on the eye make-up in order to make an impact.

By the three-week mark, the difference was remarkable - lashes were noticeably longer, stronger and thicker. Now, having used the product daily for around two months, I swear by it!

My lashes have always been a little 'weak', and I used to compensate for that by wearing quite heavy eyeliner on my upper lid.

I've stopped doing that now - just a little mascara and I'm good to go - so it really has changed my appearance!

This product is, quite possibly, perfect - Uberlash has a customer for life!


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Top Marks uberlash

Top Marks uberlash

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