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Love, Love, Love it

Über lash

Gotta love styley packaging for starters, which über lash sure has.

I was pretty diligent with the product for the 1st 6 weeks, applying morning & night, but must admit got a bit slack further down the track, every 2nd day to be honest. Just too timing consuming for me personally, but in saying that this product delivers.

Application was easy with the brush (just like an eyeliner brush) yes it does tingle if product gets into your eye, so gentle does it, to save that from happening.

I found my lashes lenghtened & strengthened, which I was rapt with. I have slackened off with applying über lash and since then my eyelashes have gone back to there normal state. So it's a case of using this all the time, to keep up the results. Über lash delivered all that it said it would, so I would purchase this product, but at a different price tag (just a little too pricey for me personally) but it does go a long way.

Tips: Apply in morning, once you have cleaned your face & at night before you go to bed.

I just have to update my review, I stopped using Uberlash the last few months & just have to let you all know, this is a must in your beauty regim. This product truely does work if you are thinking of purchasing it, I definitely saw an amazing difference in the length, slightly thicker & the last power of my lashes so much better. I would HIGHLY recommend Uberlash & would purchase again, It would be worth splashing out on, as it ticks all the boxes & goes a long way.

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Join the Uberlash Revolution

Join the Uberlash Revolution

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