Clinically Proven to Strengthen and Repair Eyelashes & Eyebrows within 2 weeks
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    Better than the cheap Lash Serums

    Better than cheaper lash serums and worked on my over-plucked eyebrows also (which other similar products have failed to do). I have quite good lashes however I definitely noticed the difference with this.If you have short eyelashes I would definitely give it a go.

    Tips: Like a lot of these serums it is pricey but lasts for ages. I would recommend investing if you are paying for eyelash extensions which will cost you more over time and require too much maintenance. This product works and lashes look much more realistic when they are your own!!!

    Join the Uberlash Revolution

    Join the Uberlash Revolution

    After taking England & Germany by storm, überlâsh, the scientifically developed, lash enhancing breakthrough, is now available in Australia.  uberlash combines the best of US science & research with European style & innovation

    Uberlash will transform your eyelashes adding Strength & Volume. überlâsh ACTIV8-Lash® TECHNOLOGY was developed with collagen and renewing phytonutrients to provide effective protection against breakage and promotes new, healthy lash growth. Increasing Elasticity. Uberlash uses advanced nanotechnology. überlâsh provides extreme hydration to lashes by holding in moisture while improving elasticity and durability. Nourish & Enrich. Panthenol and Horse Chestnut join forces to help replenish and rejuvenate lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that provide added strength and shine Reinvigorates Lashes überlâsh ACTIV8-Lash® TECHNOLOGY is packed full of patented bioengineered polypeptides containing beneficial amino and fatty acids with renewing properties to help restore lashes to optimum appearance.

    Dermo-logically tested, uberlash is completely safe to use, with zero irritation to your eyes. Using überlâsh daily you’ll start seeing results in a few short of weeks.  
    You’ll be amazed.
    Join the revolution now, go to