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Top Marks uberlash

Top Marks uberlash

WOW! I honestly had my doubts when i started using this product.

I am a chronic lash extension wearer and when I started this trial, i had virtually no eyelashes. It wasn't even worth me putting on mascara as it just looked ridiculous.

Many people who have tried this product boast about long lashes, As of yet, I cant. What I can tell you though is, I HAVE eyelashes now. 

It has managed to restore my lashes to their former glory, in about half the time it would usually take.

The packaging, I think is gorgeous, love the fancy box it comes in. I did find however that the silver part around where the lid screws in began to peel and i had to be careful that there wasn't any of it on the brush before I applied.

I would definitely recommend this product to my friends as well as my lash clients.

Top marks Uberlash, you have won me over 100%!!

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uberlash works

uberlash works

Uberlash is UberGood!!

Liquid Gold !!!

Liquid Gold !!!


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