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Uberlash is UberGood!!

I have used many eyelash products in the past, some can be quite harmful if used incorrectly and some claiming to be completely natural. Uberlash was the perfect go between and I will use it again.

On first glance the packaging is awesome, in a nice fancy box. It had me sold from the get go.

I have been using it nightly now after I clean my teeth and I have noticed in particular how strong and thick my lashes are getting.

As a result they are curling better with the curling wand.

My lashes have never achieved this strength with any other lash serum.

They are stronger and healthier & I am also finding they have developed in length this is the desired effect.

On first use it stung a little. It was my skin getting used to the product and this was only a one night reaction.

The brush made it easy to apply, without hassle of using clean applicators or mucking about.

I loved this product.

I can really feel the strength and see the thickness creating a fuller look.

Because of this and the great easy to use packaging I will continue to use this product.

Tips: - Patch test it on your arm before use for skin irritation. - Don't treat it like a mascara tube if you flip the tube which the wand is out the product will leak out.


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