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Shop Eye Makeup Products in Australia

Do you love your eyes? Well, we love them more. We do believe in the notion that real beauty is within you but a little bit of makeup never hurts.

A set of lash extensions and one coat of mascara is all you need to level up your style game. Bolder lashes instantly increase your beauty quotient and make you look oh so dazzling. So, it’s really important that you only use genuine and natural eye care products and you should never compromise on it. As eyes are the most gentle and fragile part of our face, it's important to take good care of them. Styling is good, makeup is also fine but, you’ve got to be careful with those beautiful eyes and that gorgeous set of extensions. So, we suggest you put some extra effort to take good care of them.

We all invest in healthcare and skincare but, it’s time we start investing in eyecare as well.

Uberlash has always been the best when it comes to delivering quality eye makeup products in Australia. We make sure that all our eye makeup products are crafted with care and precautions to suit almost all skin types. We have a wide range of eye makeup and eye care products that we deliver all across Australia.

überlâsh & uberbrow total daily care & repair kit

It is a complete solution to cleanse, repair and strengthen your lashes and eyebrows in the best possible ways.

It’s really important that you take good care of your lashes, extensions and your eyebrows. Just like you have a night skin care regime, it’s imperative that you make eyecare a part of it. And guess what? You don’t even have to visit a salon for that because now you can get that salon quality at your doorstep with our fantastic eye cosmetics products available across Australia. To extend the life of your lash extensions, it’s important that you maintain proper hygiene and take care of them. Along with your lashes you should also take care of your natural lashes and eyebrows.

This kit contains everything that you’ll need to clean and take care of your eyebrows and lashes.


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This kit contains:

  • überlâsh growth serum 5ml x 1 is made with a special formula to help in the growth of your lashes.
  • uberbrow growth serum 5ml x 1 helps in the growth of eyebrows and make them thick and level up your brow game.
  • überlâsh Foaming Lash Shampoo 50ml x 1 is made with an oil-free formula to prevent oil build-up and keep the extensions clean and free from dirt and any type of bacteria.
  • überlâsh eyelash Cleansing Brush with Storage Case x 1 to clean your lash extensions and store them carefully so they don’t come in contact with any contaminants.
  • uberlash silicone detangling Wand x 6 pack helps to detangle your lashes gently after washing them with überlâsh Foaming Lash Shampoo.
  • übereye hydrogel under eye patches x 10 pack

These patches are perfect to reduce that puffiness in your under eye areas and provide skin deep nourishment.


ubereyes hydrogel moisturising under-eye patches x 10 pack

Are you someone who wears a lot of makeup on a regular basis? Or do you sleep late at night? No matter what the reason is, our question stands the same. Do you have dark circles? We assume it’s a yes. Well, your under-eye area is extremely sensitive and delicate. It can get dry, dark, puffy or even dull if you don't take care of it properly.

The most common reason for the appearance of dark circles is the extra thin skin around that area, the blood vessels underneath become more visible and the blood flow beneath the skin creates the appearance of dark circles. It’s important that you sleep properly. So, get your beauty sleep, ladies! But, in case you can’t manage that, we’ve got something for you.

You use a beauty mask for your face, right? So, why not treat your eyes the same way? After all, your eyes are the gateway to your soul, so why not keep them looking their best?

Made with hydrogel, these eye pads are extremely moisturising and nourishing for your under eyes.

They rejuvenate your skin, hydrate it deeply and leave a lasting cooling impact. These eye patches are tailored in a way that they suit a wide range of eye shapes and sizes and easily contour around the eye. You’ll instantly fall in love with these hydrating eye-patches.

Made with flex-form technology, each hydrogel eye patch is 100% lint free, ultra-thin and perfect for all skin types. Made with Aloe extract and Vitamin C, these eye patches offer a wide range of benefits like hydration of skin, improves the firmness of your skin naturally and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under your eyes.

We have Australia’s best eye makeup and eye care products that are cruelty free and totally affordable. No need to visit any stores as you can buy your favourite eye cosmetics products online easily and affordably.

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